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LVNG Fundamentals

LVNG Learning Environment

  • Adopting the latest scientific research in the field of technological applications in education

  • Pursue accreditation and registration with the top international accreditation bodies to ensure the highest quality of educational service.

  • Attention to the development of the learners in all aspects; not only from an academic perspective but also to build the character from a wholesome aspect with a focus on ethical, health, sports and artistic development.

  • Positive partnerships with parents and civil society for the benefit of the learners

  • Whenever possible; readiness for learners with special needs through the presence of qualified cadres to deal with learners with special abilities

  • To ensure the recruitment of qualified and experienced personnel

  • The availability of a centre for developmental activities in addition to the basic learning environment that serves students, employees, parents and the surrounding community

  • Provide support and counseling services to learners and parents at the secondary level to assist them in joining university education

LVNG Learners

  • Respect the local culture, language, and society and get familiar with its traditions and customs

  • Perseverance and diligence to achieve excellence and achieve goals

  • Mutual respect and understanding of others

  • Honesty, loyalty, mercy, and charity 

  • Keeping pace with the latest developments and findings in various fields

  • Preserving the environment

  • Paying attention to self-development

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